Leadership for Learning Frameworks

The SLI has developed three unique Leadership for Learning Frameworks to guide rigorous, evidence-informed leadership development.

The Learning for Leadership Analysis (L4LA); the Leadership for Inquiry and Innovation (L4I&I); and the Leadership Mindsets underpin all programs offered by the SLI. They can be adapted to support different stages of leadership development. This will support a systematic and coherent approach to leadership development within our schools.

The frameworks can be used individually to help leaders reflect and make decisions. Together, they help develop insights into what makes a difference to the learning of leaders, teachers, and most importantly, students.

Leadership Mindsets

The Leadership Mindsets framework has been developed to help frame leaders’ thinking and influence how they perceive and process information that underpin behaviours and actions. It places students at the centre of these behaviours and actions.

The framework describes the key mindsets of leaders and the behaviours that lead from these mindsets.

Leadership for Learning Analysis

The Leadership for Learning Analysis is a leadership capability framework that is supported by a 360 degree survey, which helps give school leaders insights into their leadership practice.

It asks the leader, their supervisor, peers and teaching staff to provide feedback on how effective their leadership is based on the five key capability areas.

Using this capability framework for feedback and reflection helps school leaders develop a better understanding of their strengths as a leader, and where they need to focus their development.

Leadership for Innovation and Inquiry

The Leadership for Innovation and Inquiry framework helps school leaders understand the needs of their students and teachers and come up with solutions that work for their school.

It has five interconnected stages showing the inquiry process leaders can use to deeply investigate teaching and learning in their school, identifying issues and working to address them. It helps leaders support the leadership of inquiry, improvement and innovation in schools.

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