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SLI Leadership Frameworks: an overview

The School Leadership Institute has developed a series of leadership frameworks to help guide the identification and development of school leaders. These frameworks can be used by school leaders at various points in their careers – from teacher leaders aspiring to formal leadership roles, to experienced school principals.

Our frameworks are a series of documents, graphics and resources that provide a foundation for leadership development, learning and continuous growth.

The Leadership for Learning Frameworks

The three Leadership for Learning Frameworks were co-designed by the SLI and the University of Wollongong. The three separate but interconnecting frameworks are:

  • Leadership for Inquiry and Innovation (L4I&I)
  • Leadership for Learning Analysis (L4LA)
  • Leadership Mindsets

The frameworks can be used individually to help leaders reflect and make decisions. Together, they help develop insights into what makes a difference to the learning of leaders, teachers and, most importantly, students.

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The School Leadership Identification Framework

The SLI has developed a School Leadership Identification Framework (SLIF) to support future school leaders. It focuses on the identification of and development of teacher leaders – to enhance their leadership impact and support those aspiring to formal leadership positions.

The framework has been purpose-built for NSW public schools as a result of consultation, research, review and validation by teachers and leaders across a range of different schools.

It recognises teacher leaders and provides them with the opportunity for development - through collaboration and professional learning, and by receiving quality feedback on their leadership behaviours and capabilities.

The School Leadership Institute will hold a pilot program for the SLIF across a number of NSW schools throughout 2021, before the final framework is made available to staff in every school in 2022.

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