Scholarships for School Leaders

The Scholarship for School Leaders program supports NSW DoE principals, Directors Educational Leadership (DELs) and SL-APLP Alumni to undertake postgraduate or higher degree study to lead improvement in student learning.

Applications are now open for 2023. Visit our staff pages to find out more.

About the scholarships

Principals, DELs and alumni of the SLI's Senior Leadership-Aspiring Principals Leadership Program (SL-APLP) are eligible to apply.

Scholarships of up to $15,000 allow recipients to complete postgraduate or higher degree study at a recognised Australian university.

Recipients receive a maximum of $15,000 to cover the cost of unit fees and/or ancillary course costs.

Recipient feedback

I was fortunate to receive a scholarship at the beginning of 2020. I am now deep in the qualitative analysis section of my research. I used this very skill when I wanted to make sense of feedback from a staff meeting.

Ruth Winfield, Principal, Vincentia High School

I am on track for my March 2024 graduation goal and know that it has already improved my leadership skills, mentoring abilities, and the ways I now utilise current research in my school decisions and future school planning.

Lauren Hankinson, Principal, Durrumbul Public School

The opportunity for further study has allowed me to connect with world-class scholars, researchers, and practitioners. Being a current practicing school leader, I am bringing my research knowledge, practice, and understanding to my own school context which is informing and influencing other school leaders and aspiring school leaders about the place research has in contemporary school leadership.

Denise Lofts, Principal, Ulladulla High School

Further reading

Visit the SLI's Leadership Resources pages (available to staff only) to find out more and access an application form.

More information

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