Principals play a vital role in leading their schools. They guide staff development, support student improvement, and lead engagement with the community. Research shows that effective school leaders have the second greatest in-school impact on student results.

The School Leadership Institute (SLI) offers a range of world-class professional development opportunities, and support for all NSW public school principals, at every stage of their career, to help them successfully enact their role.

Programs and resources

The School Leadership Institute provides professional learning opportunities and resources for every NSW public school principal.

  • The SLI hosts a Principal Induction Conference (PIC) for newly appointed, first time principals and those in long-term relieving principal roles. The PIC is an opportunity for new principals to gain a comprehensive understanding of their role and accountabilities, departmental policies and procedures, and how to thrive as a leader. Invitations to the conference are sent to all eligible principals.
  • Our Growing Great Leaders (GGL) program is a school leadership program delivered in partnership with the University of Auckland. The program is for newly appointed, first time substantive principals once they have attended their Principal Induction Conference and helps new principals develop student-centred leadership by embedding evidence-informed theory into practice.
  • Principal Leadership Learning (PLL) supports the growth of every NSW public school principal. It has two closely-aligned components, the PLL Program and the PLL Resource.
    • The PLL Program provides opportunities for principals to engage with global leadership and education experts in considering key issues and current problems of practice. It incorporates the Insights Series for Principals and Leadership Conversations: From the Field. These different elements deliver a multi-faceted approach through keynote presentations, discussion guides, intersessional reflection tasks and facilitated discussion. This approach to program delivery enables principals to engage in some or all of the events in the learning line-up.
    • The PLL Resource is an on-demand resource that brings together current national and international research and evidence-informed practice. It describes the way in which principals continue to grow as leaders, enhancing their leadership capabilities and deepening and amplifying their impact and influence as they engage with 4 core leadership principles and 10 key drivers of leadership effectiveness. These elements are explored through engaging and interactive explanations, frameworks, strategies and tools which support self-reflection, professional learning and professional conversations.
  • Principals who are undertaking a Masters of Education can also apply for one of our Scholarships for School Leaders. These scholarships, which are also available to DELs, help meet the costs of further study and provide principals with the practical support they need to further their education.

Principals as system leaders

We have opportunities for experienced principals to deepen their leadership practice while also contributing to the leadership growth of their peers. Experienced, successful leaders play a pivotal role in supporting the leadership development of colleagues at all stages of their career.

A number of our programs have opportunities for Principal Facilitators to take part and help guide group learning. Facilitators play an important part in these programs by providing direct coaching and advice to participants, as well as benefitting from the leadership learnings offered by the range of global experts involved in our offerings.

Experienced principals are also regularly invited to take part in SLI programs through selection panels and mentoring opportunities.

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