Below are the frequently asked questions relating to the newly offered Scholarships for School Leaders - Postgraduate Study for DEls and Principals.

Why does the NSW School Leadership Institute offer this scholarship?

Highly effective leaders create the conditions that enable sustained improvement in student outcomes to be achieved. We know from other high performing systems throughout the world that investment in educational leadership will make a difference in the quality of student learning.

Following the successful offering to DELs to complete a Postgraduate Certificate of Instructional Leadership and a part scholarship to principals to complete the Masters of Instructional leadership, the NSW School Leadership Institute will expand our scholarship offerings through the Postgraduate Study for DELs and Principals.

Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship?

You are eligible to apply for the Postgraduate Study scholarship if you meet all of the following criteria.

  1. You are substantively employed Director, Educational Leadership OR substantively employed as a Principal within the NSW Department of Education.
  2. You intend to enrol into, or continue Postgraduate or Higher Degree (Doctoral) study in 2020 (or 2021 for DELs).
  3. You are willing to enter into a Scholarship Deed with the NSW Department of Education.

Who decides?

A panel, convened by the School Leadership Institute will decide on the merit of each application. Any appeals will be managed by the Director, School Leadership Institute.

What is a Scholarship Deed?

To accept this scholarship offering you will be required to sign a Scholarship Deed with the NSW Department of Education. The Scholarship Deed contains all of the terms and conditions associated with your acceptance of this scholarship.

The Scholarship Deed is managed by the NSW School Leadership Institute.

Which courses can I study?

You can chose to study a Postgraduate or Higher Degree (Doctorate) in Education from any recognised Australian university.

If I have completed the Postgraduate Certificate of Instructional Leadership, can I continue my studies with the University of Melbourne?

Yes. You can choose to study a Postgraduate or Higher Degree in Education from any recognised Australian university. Recognition of prior learning will be assessed by the university of your choice. Recognition of prior learning is a matter between the scholarship holder and their chosen university.

When can I enrol into my course of study?

Successful scholarship holders under the Postgraduate Study for Principals can apply to enrol into their approved course in Semester 2 2020. For Postgraduate Study for DELs , successful scholarship holders can apply to enrol in Semester 2, 2020 OR Semester 1, 2021.

What is the level of financial support available?

Each scholarship holder will receive a maximum of $15,000 to cover subject fees (for Postgraduate study) or additional course costs (for Higher Degree study.)

Postgraduate study: what if my subject fees exceed $15,000?

Each scholarship holder will receive a maximum of $15,000 to cover subject fees. Any extra costs will be paid by the recipient from their own funds.

Postgraduate study: How do I receive the funds for payment of subject fees?

A scholarship recipient will not personally receive funds for payment.

At the time of enrolment the recipient will request an invoice for payment from the university for the subjects that they wish to enrol into.

The scholarship holder will be required to forward this invoice to the NSW School Leadership Institute for payment of the cost of the subject fees for the coming semester. The university nominated by the scholarship holder will be paid directly by the NSW School Leadership Institute.

Higher degree study: if I am studying a Doctorate and there are no subject fees, how can this scholarship assist me in my studies?

Scholarship holders who are intending to study a higher degree (doctorate) will receive financial support of $15,000.

Funds will be transferred to the scholarship holder's Operational Directorate. These funds can be used for travel and accommodation, study leave, textbooks and resources associated with the scholarship holder's study. Scholarship funds cannot be used to purchase equipment such as laptops.

Can I use school funds to supplement other costs relating to my studies?


What happens if I withdraw from or fail a subject in my postgraduate study?

If you fail or withdraw from a subject after payment has been made to the university of your choice, you will repay the NSW Department of Education the total subject fee cost.

These matters are covered in the Scholarship Deed signed by the scholarship holder.

Where can I find further information?

For further information regarding the scholarship program contact the NSW School Leadership Institute slicorrespondence@det.nsw.edu.au.

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