Scholarships for School Leaders

The Scholarships for School Leaders - Postgraduate Study for Principals and Directors, Educational Leadership (DELs) will support our Principals and DELs to undertake further study to lead improvement in student learning in NSW public schools.

Scholarship Details

Two types of scholarships are offered for either substantive DELs or substantive Principals who are continuing with or commencing postgraduate studies in Education in Semester 2, 2020.

Support will be provided in one of two ways depending on the course of study:

  1. Scholarship holders who are continuing with or commencing a Masters degree will be supported with up to $15, 000 for subject fees only. Funds are paid directly to the university selected by the scholarship holder.
  2. Scholarship holders who are continuing with or commencing a higher degree (Doctorate) that does not incur subject fees will be supported with $15,000 for travel and accommodation, casual relief, textbooks and resources associated with the course of study. Scholarship funds cannot be used for the purchase of equipment such as laptops. Funds are transferred to the scholarship holder's school accounts.

Prior to receiving the Postgraduate Study for DELs or Principals scholarship, successful scholarship applicants must enter a Deed of Agreement with the NSW Department of Education.

How to Apply

Applications can be made by submitting a completed application form to

Application form for Principals

Application form for DELs

Scholarship applicants must have the support of their supervisor.

Applications must be submitted prior COB Friday 31 July 2020.

The Selection Process

All applicants are assessed by a panel of experienced current and former Principals and/or DELs under the direction of the Director, School Leadership Institute.

The Director, School Leadership Institute is not a panel member. Any appeals to decisions made by the panel should be directed to the Director SLI.

More Information

Review our frequently asked questions page for more information on how to apply or email the School Leadership Institute at

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