Our resources for current and aspiring leaders

SLI London experience participant videos

The SLI sponsored 20 of our most experienced principals to visit schools in London and other parts of the UK, as part of the ‘London experience’ program.

School Leadership Institute remote learning webinars

A series of webinars supporting remote learning and wellbeing for staff as we navigate these challenging times.

NSW Public School Leadership and Management Credential

Develop consistent skills, knowledge and understandings in order to effectively lead and manage your school.

SLI video resources for school leaders

The SLI has developed a series of video resources for current and aspiring school leaders, focusing on effective leadership practices to help drive school improvement.

Credential - At-a-glance

The NSW Public School Leadership Management Credential: At-a-glance is resource for DoE staff members who are not seeking the credential, but would like access to the information. It includes all the content, documents and links around the department’s intranet for each credential module.

Visit the Credential - At-a-glance pages.

Resources for staff

We have a range of resources for DoE staff including role descriptions and information on SLI induction programs.

Explore our leadership resources.

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