Principal Induction Conference

The conference is a core component of engagement for newly appointed, first time principals or long-term relieving principals.

The conference program is grounded in evidence-informed research and aims to:

  • deepen principals’ understanding of their role
  • support principals in meeting their accountabilities
  • develop leadership capability by strengthening school leadership and management practices
  • build collegial networks.

Who should participate?

Principals appointed since February 2021, including those who were unable to attend the Semester 1 Principal Induction Conference in 2021, and long-term relieving principals (six months or more) who have not previously attended a principal induction conference.

Conference format

The Semester 2 PIC will be held online from 25-27 August 2021. Teacher relief will be available to participants, funded by the SLI.

Participant feedback

“Thank you. I really appreciated how well structured the conference was. It was right on the mark with what a new principal needs. “

“This was a very well thought through agenda- very comprehensive, relevant and extremely useful. Thank you to the SLI for making this happen. Very much appreciated. “

“Thank you for a very valuable three days. The learning was on point and the opportunity to connect with colleagues and reaffirm you are not alone was so important.”

Chad Tsakissiris, Relieving Principal Umina Beach Public School, speaks about what he gained from taking part in the PIC.
Kylie Hedger, Principal, Elizabeth Macarthur High School, talks about the value of taking part as a Principal Facilitator in the PIC.
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