Leadership induction in NSW public schools


The School Leadership Institute offers leadership induction programs for newly appointed, first time principals, deputy principals, assistant principals and head teachers in NSW public schools.

Our induction programs provide an in-depth introduction to the knowledge and skills educators need as they transition into a leadership role.

From 2021 the induction programs we offer will be a blend of online and face-to-face learning.

Details of induction dates and application processes will be provided to newly appointed leaders before each program begins.

Induction content

The content of each induction program covers four key leadership domains.

Leading learning

This module covers the role of the leadership position and the key responsibilities in driving improvement in learning and teaching. It examines how leaders drive professional learning across their sphere of influence with support around what to lead and how to lead.

Leading self

This module explores key leadership requirements that draw on a repertoire of practices performed by school leaders. Leaders will review their current practices, recognise their strengths and focus on further opportunities for development.

Leading others

This module examines the significance of relational trust and its correlation to student success. Evidence-informed research is used to explore four attributes of trust: respect; competence, integrity and personal regard.

Leading inquiry

This module examines the process of deep inquiry to enable collaborative examination of what is happening for student, teacher and leader learning in the participant’s school. The process will support the analysis of current practice, the development of new learnings and reflection on the impact of leadership actions. The process is designed to support leadership with a student-centred focus.

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