Frequently asked questions

What is the Rural and Remote Leadership development Program (RnRLDP)?

The RnRLDP supports the leadership development aspiring and current leaders in rural and remote settings across a 12 month program. The program is delivered by the School Leadership Institute (SLI) and academic partners with a focus on leading learning and leadership inquiry through contextual leadership.

What does the RnRLDP entail?

Participants will engage in a number of leadership seminars, residentials, and online learning engagements throughout the course of the program. An authentic leadership inquiry through the support of structured and flexible professional learning opportunities, principal engagement and experienced mentors will be undertaken in conjunction with a critical examination of the SLIs Leadership Frameworks.

Who is the program for?

The program’s is designed for those in middle and senior leadership positions in Rural and Remote schools to enhance their leadership capacity. Successful program outcomes are also dependent on the support of their school principals and their mentor.

How can I apply to be in the program?

The SLI is currently undertaking a pilot program with a targeted cohort of participants. Applications for Cohort 2 will be advertised in Schoolbiz in Terms 1 & 2 2021.

Will expenses for the program be covered?

All associated costs will be funded by the SLI, including travel, accommodation, professional learning and the provision of relief (or the funding for relief) for program activities that require participants to leave their school.

How does the RnRLDP connect to other programs offered by the School Leadership Institute?

All leadership induction and development programs offered by the SLI utilise the leadership frameworks to ensure continuity of learning. While there is consistency in the frameworks, each program offers distinct learning experiences and participant outcomes.

What happens if travel is not possible during the program?

The SLI will respond to changing circumstances that may impact upon face-to-face components of the program. Elements and sequencing of the program may be altered where necessary but the program. Notice of variations will be communicated to participants at the earliest possible juncture.

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