The Rural and Remote Program

The School Leadership Institute has launched a new Rural and Remote Leadership Development Program for aspiring and current school leaders in rural and remote settings.

Our new nine-month program will enhance leadership development through the delivery of rural and remote-centric learning opportunities.

The SLI recognises rural and remote schools have their own unique circumstances, which is why our new program has been developed with experts in rural and remote education. It is tailored specifically to meet the needs of these school communities.

Through the core concepts of contextual leadership, pedagogical expertise and cultural humility, participants will engage in evidence-informed leadership frameworks and student-centred leadership inquiry.

Program Details

This program is for current and aspiring leaders from rural and remote schools including, mentors and middle leaders. It includes:

  • Three leadership seminars with academic partners
  • Periodic online engagement with an academic partner
  • Working with an appointed highly skilled mentor
  • Submitting an inquiry project for validation at the conclusion of the program

Rural and Remote principal

The Rural and Remote Leaders principal plays a critical role in the program. They will enable conditions for evidence-informed leadership learning and explore reflective practices to enhance leadership capabilities.

Participation will involve:

  • A two-day leadership seminar
  • Online engagement
  • The provision of support to other program participants


Mentors from senior leadership positions across NSW will leverage their expertise to work with a number of Rural and Remote Leaders and develop relational trust to foster learning and inquiry.

Participation will involve:

  • Supporting assigned Rural and Remote Leadership through webinars
  • Residential mentoring, observation and feedback in the school setting of program participants

Middle leader

Selected assistant principals and head teachers from metropolitan and regional schools will undertake professional learning that deepens their understanding of the role of community engagement and cultural humility in leadership.

Participation will involve:

  • Two five-day residentials to teach and reside in a rural and remote community
  • Periodic online engagement with an academic partner
  • Submission of an inquiry project relating to the middle leaders residential experience

Academic Partners

Emeritus Professor John Halsey (Flinders University)

Professor Halsey’s expertise in contextual leadership will enhance participant understanding of content and commitment to action that informs leadership in rural and remote settings

Dr Cam Brooks (University of Queensland)

Dr Brooks’s expertise in effective classroom teaching and learning practices will help build participants capacity to lead learning

Key Dates:

October – December 2020: Phase One

  • 5 day Masterclass
  • 3 day Masterclass
  • Small group webinars

March 2021: Phase Two

  • 3 day Leadership Seminar
  • Small group webinars

June – July 2021: Evaluation

  • Project submissions and evaluations

More Information

For more information visit our frequently asked questions page or email the School Leadership Institute at

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