MLDP program content and outcomes

Program focus

The Middle Leadership Development Program (MLDP) is an 18-month program that includes leadership conferences featuring national and international speakers, live online learning sessions, and self-paced intersessional activities.

The program will enhance the leadership development of participants with a focus on:

  • Identity: developing self as leader
  • Inquiry: leading evidence-informed decision-making
  • Improvement: leading learning for improved student outcomes
  • Influence: building productive relationships.

Program components

The MLDP is delivered over six school terms and consists of:

  • a 360-degree survey designed especially for the program, for middle leaders to reflect on their leadership
  • two Middle Leadership Conferences (two days each)
  • four key themes (one themeper term). Each theme includes five 90-minute live online leadership workshops.
  • two specialist themes (one theme per term)
  • support from an experienced facilitator.

Program outcomes

Assistant principals and head teachers play a significant role to enact the school vision and lead excellence in teaching practices. They help to translate and implement the vision of the school to improve student learning outcomes.  

Upon graduation of the program, participants will be able to:  

  • demonstrate commitment to understanding and continued development of self as a leader
  • lead evidence-informed decision making
  • lead teachers’ learning for improved student outcomes.  
  • build productive relationships.

To successfully complete the program, participants must:

  • deeply engage in all components of the program
  • complete a 360-degree analysis, receive and act on feedback
  • engage in a process of learning and growth with the support and challenge of a team and facilitator
  • meet the program requirements at a high standard.
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