Managing Leadership Complexity Program

Program overview

Managing Leadership Complexity is an eight-week, online program offered by the School Leadership Institute. The course helps participants develop their skills in managing leadership challenges and demands, build good habits and improve their communication skills.

The program will begin in Week 3, Term 2 2021. It is available to substantive principals with more than three years’ experience, as well as substantive deputy principals, assistant principals and head teachers.

Managing Leadership Complexity is based on the latest research and feedback from school leaders, and has been designed by Potential Project in consultation with the SLI.

Three differentiated programs will be offered for each leadership role – principal, deputy principal and middle leader (assistant principal and head teacher.) Each program has been specifically developed to address the challenges of the role and has a focus on strategies in managing self and others in a school leadership environment.

The program complements the existing resources and support available through the department’s Being Well initiative.

Download the program overview (PDF)

Benefits for school leaders

Leaders who participate in this program will:

  • develop good mental habits to help manage complexity
  • build skills to manage the challenges and complexities of their specific role as school leader
  • develop strategies that support resilience and clear, calm thinking
  • improve their mental focus and communication skills
  • increase their ability to cope with stress and to make the right decisions and choices in high-pressure situations.

Course components

The course includes three online sessions designed for each role, as well as participant resources and an optional weekly guided 15 minute drop-in training session.

The online sessions will cover topics such as time management, managing your energy, mindful communication, managing critical conversations, work life balance, and sustainable habits for resilient leaders.

Resources available to participants will include an online learning centre and a habit tracking toolkit. The online learning centre will feature videos, articles, tips and next steps.

The program content is based on the latest neuroscience as well as feedback from school leaders who have participated in previous Potential Project courses. The three differentiated program streams will have content that has been tailored to the challenges, complexities and demands of the different school leader roles.

Please note: participants will need to complete an anonymous and confidential survey and work habits assessment before the program begins. Participants will also need to download the free Potential Project app to take part in all the components.

Time commitment

The program involves three online sessions, spread over eight weeks, as well as short optional weekly training sessions.

Session 1 – 3.5 hours (2 x 90 mins with 30 min break)

Session 2 – 3.5 hours (2 x 90 mins with 30 min break)

Session 3 – 1 hour

Optional weekly training sessions – 15 minutes a week x 9 weeks

The SLI will meet the cost of the program. Any additional costs incurred are the responsibility of the school.

Image: The Managing Leadership Complexity Program is now open for applications.
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