Principal Facilitators: Growing Great Leaders

As part of the Growing Great Leaders program, newly appointed leaders will form small Professional Learning Groups led by experienced principals as facilitators.

Role of a Principal Facilitator in the GGL program

The Principal Facilitator’s role is to support the learning of newly appointed principals through small group facilitation. They will participate in quality professional learning delivered by experts in leadership development and engage in collaborative networks with other school leaders, system leaders and university partners.

Expectations of Principal Facilitators

Principal Facilitators will participate in the content delivered by the University of Auckland and the SLI , receive facilitator training, and facilitate small Professional Learning Groups for newly appointed, first time principals.

Principal Facilitators will need to be current in their knowledge and understanding of the program content and display their capacity to appropriately facilitate leadership development in others to continue in an active role in the program.

Time commitment

Due to COVID-19 the program is currently delivered online. The online format of the program allows greater flexibility as Principal Facilitators can work from their schools should they choose. The time allocation for Principal Facilitators will be approximately two days every 3-4 weeks, a total of seven seminars over 12 months.

Building System Leadership – Principals as Facilitators

A rigorous selection process identifies Principal Facilitators who will engage in specialised training in leadership development, high level facilitation skills and mentorship to support newly appointed principals during this program.

We are seeking principals who can:

  • demonstrate the ability to suspend their own judgement
  • facilitate problem-solving with considered questioning techniques
  • enact moral purpose
  • establish effective working relationships to facilitate collaboration
  • be responsive to colleagues’ situations and contexts
  • display flexible thinking in pursuit of high expectations
  • pursue their own professional learning and development.

The criteria for this role are:

  1. What is your understanding of best practice in facilitating the leadership development of colleagues?
  2. Provide an example of a program or initiative you have led that demonstrates your reflective practice as a leader.


Facilitators will be provided with casual relief to allow them to support the facilitation of the GGL program.

For further information please contact the School Leadership Institute at

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