How to submit your application and digital story

The guide below will take you through uploading your digital story and copying the link (URL) required on your application form.

All materials will be retained and considered private and confidential. No material will be used or shared without your written approval.

Step 1 Log in to your NSW Department of Education Portal

  • Locate G Suite (Google Apps for Education) under ‘My Learning tools’
  • Note: All Department of Education employees have access to G Suite
Image of My Learning Tools in staff portal

  • Click on Drive

  • Ensure you are logged in using your account

Log in with your DoE account

Step 2 Upload your digital story to your Google Drive

  • Select ‘+ New’

Image of Select plus new
  • Select ‘File Upload’ and upload your digital story from your computer

Image of select file upload in G Suite
  • Once your file has been uploaded, right click on the file and select ‘Get link’

Image of clicking on Get Link in Google drive
  • Ensure the permissions are set to ‘Anyone with the link’. Copy link file path and paste into your application form.
Image of Copy Link option
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