SL-APLP selection process

The selection process

All applicants for the Senior Leadership - Aspiring Principals Leadership Program are assessed by panels of experienced current and retired principals against three levels of criteria: distinguished, promising and developing. The feedback package describes the common attributes of applicants at each of these levels. It is important to note that some applicants demonstrate attributes across more than one level of the marking criteria.

We encourage all applicants to discuss their application, combined with this feedback package and the discussion questions, with their principals and Directors, Educational Leadership.

Digital story

The purpose of the digital story is to enable applicants to communicate a personal message beyond their written application that clearly conveys their moral purpose to lead. It is not an assessment of technological prowess. It’s all about the applicant's message.

The most effective digital stories include these elements:

  • applicants appear in person for some of the story
  • messages are delivered with conviction and the best ones are inspiring
  • clear relationship between core beliefs and motivation to be a leader of a NSW public school
  • visuals and sound provide evidence of the core beliefs
  • message sequences transition smoothly.

Details on uploading a digital story can be found on our How to submit your digital story page. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Submitting your application

  • Download the application form.
  • Read and address the written component criteria for your application on page 2, ensuring it is no more than three pages in length, plus your one page career summary.
  • Film and upload your digital story and include the link on your application form.
  • Acquire the support of your school principal/line manager, and your Director, Educational Leaderhsip or equivalent, to endorse your written application and digital story.
  • Complete the Google form to register and submit your application and digital story.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please email
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