That’s a wrap on our Insights Series for Principals

Reflecting on school leadership in 2022 was the theme for the final session of the SLI’s successful Insights Series for Principals which wrapped up this week.

Leadership expert Matt Church presented an engaging session for 116 NSW DoE school principals who were given the chance to pause and reflect on the year, and lessons learned for 20223.

Research tells us that reflection is a critical tool in leadership effectiveness. Matt’s session provided principals with frameworks to use through guided reflection as well as tips and tools to share with leadership teams in their school.

Matt was one of 3 leadership experts to take part (partner with the SLI) in the Insights Series, a new program offered by the SLI this year to support the leadership growth of public school principals across the state.

Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan also presented editions throughout the year focusing on student engagement genuine collaboration.

More than 706 school principals attended the Insights Series in 2022 and feedback from participants has been hugely positive. Due to its success the SLI team is now working on a new Insights Series for Principals to be available in 2023.

The Insights Series was one part of the overall Principal Leadership Learning program offered for the first time this year. The program also included a series of facilitated group discussions for principals as well as a new Principal Leadership Hub housing a collection of videos, podcasts and readings covering core leadership themes and issues.

All webinars from the Insights Series are available for staff to watch on the hub.

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