School Leadership Identification Framework hub

The SLI now has a School Leadership Identification Framework resource hub which houses the support material for this new and exciting program.

The School Leadership Institute is piloting a new School Leadership Identification Framework (SLIF) to help identify and develop future school leaders.

The SLIF has been developed for teacher leaders who want to enhance their leadership impact or who aspire to a formal leadership role such as headteacher or assistant principal.

This year the SLIF is being piloted in 92 schools throughout NSW. It will then be made available to all schools in 2022 following an evaluation process.

Our new resource hub provides a collection of documents, videos, and other resources to support those teacher leaders, mentors, and supervisors who are taking part in this year’s pilot. These resources can also be used by other teachers and school leaders to help their own professional development and leadership practices.

Using the SLIF, teacher leaders can work with their supervisor to construct a leadership profile and set leadership development goals. The developmental processes within the SLIF include mentoring, shadowing, observations, and inquiry for innovation.

The SLI is progressively developing a comprehensive suite of resources to support staff taking part in the SLIF pilot program. A number of these resources are also available to other departmental staff.

The SLIF resources hub contains downloadable versions of research reports and other documents that contributed to the development of the program.

It also includes a video resources page, which houses videos intended to support understanding of key concepts within the SLIF process and use of its resources within different school contexts. These include animations and interviews with teacher leaders. Videos will be added progressively to this page as available.

These pages will be updated as new resources are developed.

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