Ruth Winfield - Vincentia High School

Ruth Winfield had been relieving in various leadership roles when she decided to take part in the Aspiring Principals Leadership Program – and has since been appointed to the substantive role of Principal, Vincentia High School.

She said the program gave her the confidence to fulfil her goal of stepping up into principalship.

“I have recommended it to other leaders as something where, if you're considering a principalship, it really does prepare you,” she said.

Ruth said she found the sessions with Aboriginal educator Dr Shayne Williams have been particularly useful in her new role, as her school has a large Aboriginal student community.

The sessions with Dr Jioji Ravulo about cultural humility and considering different perspectives in communicating with students and their families were also a highlight.

Another valuable element of the APLP has been the focus on system leadership and building collegial relationships across different schools and networks, she said.

“I'm very grateful that I've had a chance to work outside schools and within schools because I think it helps you to understand how to make those links.”

Ruth has been involved in leading teaching and learning across different schools as a nationally accredited lead teacher. She said the APLP deepened her understanding of leading teaching and learning, as well as the importance of planning.

She said she appreciated the longer timeframe of the APLP compared to other professional learning opportunities.

“It’s quite different to any other professional learning that exists in the department at the moment. It’s very much about reflective practice and I certainly enjoyed that,” she said.

She said completing the APLP has strengthened her ability to lead her school community with honesty and conviction.


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