Aspiring and Senior Leaders

The SLI provides various programs for senior school leaders, including deputy principals and teaching principals, as well as those aspiring for senior leadership and principal roles.

Programs and resources

The department is committed to supporting the identification, development and leadership growth of assistant principals and head teachers. There are a range of opportunities and resources available for senior leaders. These include:

  • The Deputy Principal Induction Conference (DPIC), which is offered twice a year for newly appointed, first-time and long-term relieving deputy principals.

    The Senior Leadership – Aspiring Principals Leadership Program (SL-APLP) is a rigorous program for deputy principals, assistant principals and teaching principals who are willing to commit to a challenging program and who have demonstrated:

    • how the program will benefit their leadership development

    • outstanding educational leadership and are preparing for principalship or seeking to enhance their leadership impact in their current role

    • a positive impact on teacher and student learning

  • The NSW Public School Leadership and Management Credential helps school leaders meet their accountabilities in regard to departmental policies, processes and procedures. All aspiring principals in NSW public schools are required to attain the credential before applying for a principal position.

Senior leaders are also able to apply for the FASTstream program which offers one-on-one in-school coaching and mentoring, and access to evidence-informed professional development and training through the SLI, with participants being skilled, supported and equipped to lead schools within 10 years.

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