How to submit your digital story

The guide below will take you through uploading your digital story and copying the link (URL) required on your application form.

All materials will be retained and considered private and confidential. No material will be used or shared without your written approval.

Step 1 – Log in to Microsoft Office 365

Note: All Department of Education employees have access to Microsoft Office 365.

Screenshot of step 1 - Microsoft Office 365

Step 2 – Log in with your DoE account

  • The browser will then redirect you to the department’s login page.
  • Enter your DoE username and password and select ‘log in’.

Screenshot of step 2 - DoE account sign on page

Step 3 – Select 'Stream' app icon

  • This will then take you to the Office 365 home page.
  • Select the 'Stream' icon listed under apps (if it's available) then go to step 4.
  • Or if the 'Stream' icon isn't available, continue with step 3 below.

Screenshot of step 3 - Select 'Stream' app icon

  • If the 'Stream' icon isn't available on the home page, select ‘explore all your apps’ to access all Office 365 apps.

  • Scroll down to ‘Microsoft Stream’ and select ‘open’.

Screenshot of Office 365 apps page

Step 4 – Stream homepage

  • You are now on the Stream homepage screen.

Screenshot of stream homepage screen

Step 5 – Upload video files

  • In the top right-hand corner on the Stream homepage screen, click on the upload icon (up arrow) as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of upload icon

  • This will take you to the upload page.
  • Simply drag and drop your video file from its location on your computer, or click ‘select files’ and browse for your video.

Screenshot of drag and drop files screen

Step 6 – Add video description and your personal details

  • You'll be prompted to enter some details about the video.
  • Please fill in the name of the video with your full name and employee ID e.g. “Digital Story, Jane Smith 8123456”
  • Please fill in the description as “SLI - Aspiring Principals Leadership Program Application, SCHOOL, OPERATIONAL AREA” e.g. “SLI - Aspiring Principals Leadership Program Application, Institute HS, Metro South”

Screenshot of video details screen.

Step 7 – Set permissions

  • Next fill out the permissions tab.
  • Ensure the  "allow everyone in your company to view this video” box IS NOT ticked.
  • Go to "shared with" and select "people" from the drop down menu, shown below, circled in BLUE. Search for "Joanne Jarvis (" and "Eamon McCaughan (" and add them as viewers.
  • Please ensure the tick box under OWNER, circled in GREEN, is TICKED next both Eamon and Joanne's names
  • Once done, select on the ‘share’ button on the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of step 7 - permissions windows

Step 8 – Copy and paste video link to your application

  • The screenshot below shows what will appear on your screen.
  • The direct link to the video is what you must copy and paste into the digital story URL section on the application form.
  • Once you have copied this link onto your application, close the pop up and then click “publish now” as shown in the IMAGE ABOVE circled in RED.
  • To ensure the link works, paste it into your web browser and hit enter. If it takes you directly to your video then everything is working correctly.

Screenshot of step 8 - video URL

Contact us for help

If you require additional help uploading your video or submitting your application, please email the School Leadership Institute at

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