Miller Technology High School - text explanation of sample

The page shows the external alidatvion report written by Miller High School in 2019.

In the first section of the page, the names of all staff that attended, the Principal, School Leadership and peer principal are listed, followed by a generic statement describing the process.

The second section lists the three domains titled teaching, Lelrning and leading alongside the panel comments.

The final section is the school determined next steps in self-assessment process. The statement is:

  • Providing professional learning to build understanding of the School Excellence Framework document and logic model described in five Essentials for Effective Evaluation (CESE) for self-evaluation and forward planning.
  • Reviewing internal performance data monitoring and student tracking systems.
  • Establishing sustainable processes to support, collect and organise data more effectively in SPaRO software.
  • Promoting, through an across school action research initiative teaching and assessment practices that support a culture of high expectations.
  • Reviewing teaching and learning programs to ensure quality teaching, curriculum planning and evidence of revisions based on feedback on teaching and assessment practices.
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