Lucas Gardens School - text explanation of sample

The page shows the external validation report for 2019 for Lucas Gardens School.

In the first section of the page, the names of all staff that attended, the Principal, School Leadership and peer principal are listed, followed by a generic statement describing the process.

The second section lists the three domains titled teaching, learning and leading alongside the panel comments.

The final section is the school determined next steps in self-assessment process. The statement is:

The school has identified the need for a more consistent approach to the gathering of evidence and analysis of impact, to drive continuous improvement.

We will achieve this through:

  • Developing a team to lead effective, evaluative practices using the School Excellence Framework. This team will include a member of the leadership team as well as aspiring leaders.
  • Regular professional learning sessions where all staff collaborate using the School Excellence Framework as a tool to evaluate practice, led by the School Excellence Framework team. This will include the involvement of non-teaching staff as they represent over 50% of our staff.
  • Involving all staff in the ongoing collection, analysis of evidence and impact of programs and projects throughout the year, against the elements in the School Excellence Framework.
  • Using the language of the School Excellence Framework in the development of school and community surveys.
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