Cecil Hills High School - text explanation of sample

The page shows the external validation report for 2019 for Cecil Hills High School.

In the first section of the page, the names of all staff that attended, the Principal, School Leadership and peer principal are listed, followed by a generic statement describing the process.

The second section lists the three domains titled teaching, learning and leading alongside the panel comments.

The final section is the school determined next steps in self-assessment process. The statement is:

The external validation process has helped the school identify a number of areas which will assist the implementation of the 2018-2020 school plan and future school plans, self-assessments and external validation processes. Overall, there is a need for the school to develop further expertise in ways to measure impact in relation to new programs and changes at the school, including a clearer method of establishing baseline data, reviewing the implementation phase and deciding on clearer success criteria. This will be supported by a clearer understanding of the qualitative and quantitative data sources that will be used to measure impact and report on success from the outset. We will achieve this through:

  • building on the team-based approach to milestones through more regular monitoring of milestones at the senior executive level
  • establishing internal processes to take information recorded in the school-based Google drive milestone document and translate this into the SPaRO software to collect and organise data more effectively and efficiently
  • continuing to use the 2018-2020 Google team drive as a repository for all important documents across the domains of learning, teaching and leading
  • working with head teachers and team leaders on developing skills in effective evaluative practices
  • ensuring that in a big school, getting bigger, we are able to communicate the work of every team to every staff member so that everyone is working towards the same strategic directions in the same way and that it positively impacts on every classroom
  • creating more authentic ways to conduct the annual self assessment against the School Excellence Framework to provide a focus on evidence and impact, including more perspectives of parents.
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