Hamilton Public School - text explanation of sample

Annotation set 1.9

This page is from the Evidence Set submitted by Hamilton Public School. It shows 3 images of the internal learning spaces, student and teacher feedback and a timetable for the learning spaces. The first image shows a collaborative workspace space environment with stand up work desks, and flexible seating arrangements. The second image is of a sensory wall and with various textures, a trampoline and large floor pillow. Third image is another section of the sensory room and shows and hammock with soft-fall play equipment. The images are accompanied by a graph showing student survey responses and a textbox with written teacher feedback, both showing impact of the learning spaces.

At the bottom of the page is an annotation of the evidence and it reads:

Annotation set 1.1

A broad range of learning environments are utilised by teachers and students throughout Hamilton Public School to support students' wellbeing, which in turn positively affects learning. Developing independent work habits are a core focus in Stage 3 and students have the flexibility and autonomy to choose an environment that compliments their learning style. The survey of students favourite learning environment attached in the evidence sample shows a clear link between these alternative spaces and a student's motivation and enjoyment when working. Students with special needs can access one of two sensory rooms filled with specifically designed resources to support wellbeing and learning. The attached survey demonstrates that students who utilise this space return to class in a calmer state of mind.

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