Speers Point Public School - text explanation of sample

This evidence is from Speers Point and shows the analysis of wellbeing, inclusion and engagement.

The analysis reads as follows:

Analysis of evidence to support on balance judgements as a result of ongoing self-assessment

Evidence collected in this dataset supports the self-assessment of excelling in the Wellbeing element. Positive Behaviour Learning is culturally embedded into the school with a priority to make student wellbeing the first of the three school directions. Samples show the first process of the school plan the commitment to positive behaviour for learning which flows through to the milestones and positive behaviour for learning action plan. Systems are drilled down into its components demonstrating a correlation between planned and actioned systems to support students and a positive learning environment.

Improvements in wellbeing and engagement are well documented within the set through raw and collected data in recorded behaviours, as well as from the student engagement project. Data has shown to be used to support the planning and implementation of whole school positive behaviour for learning lessons as well as demonstrating that there are widespread positive student-staff relationships and a culture of high expectations. Behaviour expectations are explicitly and consistently applied across the school.

The school and the community are extremely proud of the four Support Unit classes known collectively as The Watagans. The Unit has an extremely high reputation within the wider community, parent groups, specialists and professionals within the field as a highly successful setting.

Students are highly supported and there is a whole school ethos focusing on the individual needs of each child which exemplifies each student been known, valued and cared for. The size and inclusive model that the school embraces means that every staff member knows every student and knows them well. Parents are given opportunities to connect with the school in meeting student learning needs and the school has a range of strategies to support the needs of students. This includes measures such as a therapy dog to cater for the many complex needs of a number of students.

On balanced judgement determined that the learning culture element is sustaining & growing. Positive behaviour for learning systems, growth mindsets and programs like the engagement project demonstrate planning for, and evidence of, high expectations. There is a clear commitment within the school that all students, regardless of mainstream or support unit setting, are making learning progress. This dataset supports that through wellbeing, engagement and SCOUT student growth data. Attendance is strongly promoted and supported through the school at classroom and whole school levels. There are effective systems in place for recording and monitoring attendance, along with support structures for attendance concerns. This includes effective administrative systems such as use of Sentral over EBS, communication on unexplained absences and monitoring letters which further supports the determination of sustaining and growing in Management Practices & Process.

In review of the evidence, the determination for Effective Classroom Practice is sustaining and growing and excelling for Data Skills and Use. These two elements are seen across this dataset. Whole school positive behaviour for learning systems support both behaviour and classroom management with a consistent approach through the consistent use of the plate system and behaviour consistency guide in line with each other. Positive behaviour for learning lessons, which support positive student learning environments and are collaborative planned between staff, utilising the explicit teacher strategies employed across all learning experiences. Data from internal sources, such as Sentral behaviour, engagement surveys, and class observations is collected with external measures such as Tell Them From Me and suspension data as evidence of impact for positive behaviour for learning systems. Data is effectively analysed and used for planning on multiple levels including situational in-class and whole school.

School Planning, Implementation & Reporting shows an excelling determination and is supported through this dataset in the three themes of continuous improvement, school plan and annual school report. The school plan overarches the major whole school strategies around positive behaviour for learning, engagement and attendance, which substantiate positive impact for student learning environments and the continuous improvement in those systems. Milestones track the implementation and evaluation of these areas which are reported on with real data in the Annual School Report against the improvement measures.

Future directions

  • Ongoing continuous improvement to and consistent implementation of positive behaviour for learning systems.
  • Timetable for Chaplain in class support time rather than hot-spotting
  • Ongoing planned approach to Engagement project and use of data to target and support individual students.
  • Engaging in an automatic text service for student absences.
  • External Validation dataset to support 2019 evaluation of impact of school plan and any required changes. If not dated, will also help inform for next planning cycle.
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