What support is there for schools as the external validation process proceeds?

Directors, Educational Leadership and Principals, School Leadership (PSLs) are available to provide support with self-assessment and external validation as schools prepare their submission. Once principals are notified of an external validation panel date for their school they are advised to contact a PSL  to organise meeting times and dates to access support. Schools that have an established relationship with a PSL may choose to access that PSL to provide support. A contact list for PSLs is available on the professional learning website.

Who can I email or phone for support?

Directors, Educational Leadership, Principals, School Leadership (PSLs) and the Leadership and High Performance directorate should be contacted for support regarding external validation.

Leadership and High Performance:
02 9244 5713

PSL support:
02 7814 3603

What resources are available to support schools with their self-assessment practices and external validation?

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