Submission – external validation submission, including executive summary, evidence and annotations

Where do schools upload their evidence for external validation?

  • Schools will upload their evidence into the External validation submission folder within the evidence bank in School Planning and Reporting Online (SPaRO). Access to upload files to the evidence bank is available to principal and contributor users via Asset Management Unit (AMU).

What evidence do schools include in their external validation submission?

The body of evidence includes:

  • current published three-year school plan (including implementation and milestone monitoring)
  • current published annual report
  • completed External Validation School Excellence Framework Self-assessment Survey (EV SEF S-aS)
  • SEF data reports (where applicable)
  • Scout reports, including measures of the percentage of students in top two NAPLAN bands (where applicable)
  • other significant evidence as determined by the school (no more than 7-10 annotated evidence sets).

Annotation and analysis of the evidence sets needs to clearly show the panel how the school arrived at their judgements.

How much other significant evidence should schools include in the submission?

Schools need to carefully select high level, robust examples of evidence supporting school practice.

Seven to ten evidence sets per submission is achievable, sustainable and effective if it is strong, analysed and well-annotated.

It is not necessary to include all evidence used for self-assessment in the external validation submission.

What evidence needs to be annotated?

Only other significant evidence determined by the school needs to be annotated.

The annotation is a statement that provides the context for the selected evidence. It describes the what, when, how and why the evidence is significant.

What does the executive summary include?

The executive summary synthesises the annotated information provided in the body of evidence and includes a narrative of the school’s achievement across the three School Excellence Framework (SEF) domains of learning, teaching and leading. Schools may include planned next steps in their executive summary.

Schools will use key points from the executive summary in their discussion with the panel and when completing their self-assessment narrative for the annual report.

Can schools add additional evidence to their final external validation submission once it has been lodged?

No. Once submitted, the external validation submission is final. During the panel meeting, schools may share additional evidence. This evidence will not be added to the submission but will be taken into consideration by the panel to inform their deliberations and in preparation of the external validation panel report.

What scaffolds can schools use to prepare their external validation submission?

Schools can use any proforma or process that meet their local needs when preparing their external validation submission. Examples are available in the resources section in SPaRO.

How does the external validation panel obtain access to the school’s submission?

Panel members will be provided read-only access to the submission folder in the School Planning and Reporting Online (SPaRO) evidence bank via AMU. Principals will see the panel members listed as ‘staff not at this site’ with EV Panel permission.

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