External validation panel – composition, role and responsibilities of the external validation panel

What is the role of the panel?

The panel will determine whether the school’s evidence supports their self-assessment using each element of the School Excellence Framework (SEF).

The panel reviews the school’s submission, meets with the school leadership team and writes the external validation (EV) report.

What is the composition of the EV panel?

An independent panel comprises a Principal, School Leadership (lead panellist) and a peer principal.

How are peer principals selected?

Substantive and experienced principals are selected through an expression of interest (EOI) process for the position of peer principal.

What is the role of the peer principal?

The peer principal works with the lead panellist (PSL) to:

  • review the school’s submission
  • meet with the school leadership team to validate the submission
  • write the EV report.

Are the peer principals local to the EV school?

No. Peer principals will not be allocated to schools within their current principal network. Additionally, the peer principal will declare any potential or perceived conflict of interest with a school participating in EV.

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