Directors, Educational Leadership – role and responsibilities

What access do DELs have to the school’s submission?

Directors, Educational Leadership have ‘read only’ access to the school's submission in School Planning and Reporting Online (SPaRO) for schools in their network.

When does the DEL affirm the school’s final submission?

The Director, Educational Leadership affirmation is completed in SPaRO once the school’s submission is finalised and prior to the panel meeting.

What is being affirmed by the DEL?

As a result of having engaged in ongoing, regular professional conversations, the Director, Educational Leadership affirms the school’s external validation submission as being an accurate representation of the school’s planning, self-assessment and reporting processes.

What happens if the DEL is unable to affirm the school’s submission?

Where a DEL is unable to affirm the external validation submission as ‘an accurate representation of the school's processes in planning, self-assessment and reporting’, the DEL will contact the principal to resolve any issues. If the matter cannot be resolved prior to the panel date, the DEL will consult with the principal and determine if the panel meeting will be rescheduled.

What does the DEL do if the final submission is not available in SPaRO when they are ready to affirm the school’s submission?

Where no submission is available in the SPaRO evidence bank by the lodgement date, the Director, Educational Leadership will liaise with the principal.

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