How can I use Tell Them From Me with other data?

It is important to use a variety of sources of evidence when undertaking your self-assessment. This allows you to get a balanced, holistic view.

The sources of evidence page contains a list of data sources that may be useful.

One way you can use your TTFM data is to validate other data you have collected. For example, if a school has conducted interviews with teachers about the feedback and support they get from school leadership, they could then use their results from the teacher survey to validate the data gained from these interviews. You can also use other data to validate your TTFM data. For instance, you could use classroom observation data or staff interviews to validate some of the results from your teacher survey.

You can also use other data sources to dig a little deeper into your TTFM results. For example, results from your student survey can tell the percentage of your students who have a high sense of belonging but they cannot tell you why that is or how you can improve this. To answer these questions, you would need to use another tool, such as conducting a focus group or interviews.
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