How to use Tell Them From Me survey data

The Tell Them From Me suite of surveys provide valid and reliable evidence that can be used for school self-assessment, planning and reporting. This data can help identify strengths and areas for improvement, assess the impact of current initiatives and inform future programs and policies.

Download a print version (PDF, 60 kB) of the guide to Tell Them From Me data or view the online version below.

Students in a classroom writing in books, one female student smiling at the camera. Students in a classroom writing in books, one female student smiling at the camera.

The Tell Them From Me suite of surveys consists of three surveys:

  • Tell Them From Me student survey
  • Focus on Learning teacher survey, and
  • Partners in Learning parent survey.

Together these surveys capture the views of students, teachers and parents on a number of critical aspects of school performance.

What can Tell Them From Me tell me about my school?

The focus of the Tell Them From Me surveys is on student engagement and wellbeing. The surveys provide information on a range of areas, such as teaching practices, student aspirations and leadership, from the perspective of students, teachers and parents. This data is relevant in assessing your school’s performance across the three School Excellence Framework domains of Learning, Teaching and Leading.
  • The Tell Them From Me student survey can help schools understand students' perspectives on critical aspects of their school experience, such as social, institutional and intellectual engagement, wellbeing and exposure to quality teaching practices.
  • The Focus on Learning teacher survey provides insights into school and classroom effectiveness, from the perspective of teachers. The results provide information about teachers’ views on collaboration, their use of data and school leadership, among other things.
  • The Partners in Learning parent survey provides parents’ perspectives on their child’s experience at school as well as learning at home. Data provided by the survey includes information about the extent to which parents feel the school supports learning and positive behaviour and promotes a safe and inclusive environment.

The reports also allow you to compare your school’s results with the NSW government school 'norms' (the state average) and those of 'replica' schools (a like-for-like comparison group). You can also use your school’s survey results from previous years to assess whether your school’s performance has changed over time. See guidelines for analysing quantitative data for help on how to make these comparisons.

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