5. Make a judgement

Icon depicting scale to represent making a judgementOnce you have identified and analysed your evidence, it is now time to make an ‘on-balance ’ judgement about where your school currently sits against the School Excellence Framework.

To make this judgement, you should reflect on what you found in step 4. That is, based on your evidence, do you think your school’s practices under the relevant element are best described as Delivering, Sustaining and Growing or Excelling? Or does it look like your school is currently Working Towards Delivering?

Refer back to the statement of excellence and the individual descriptors for the element of the Framework to help you make this judgement.

It is important to use your evidence to inform your judgement, rather than making a judgement and then looking for evidence to justify this. To help with this, consider where someone external to the school would place you on the Framework if you gave them your evidence from step 3.

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