School Excellence self-assessment process

Download a print version (PDF, 60 kB) of the School Excellence self-assessment process or view the online version below. Click the title of each step for more detail.

Icon depicting cogs in brain to represent reflecting on the statement of excellence

1. Reflect on the statement of excellence

What does the statement of excellence for the relevant element mean in our school?

Icon depicting people to represent thinking about your school's practices

2. Think about your school's practice

What are the practices in our school?

  • What existing practices in our school align with this element?
  • Why are these practices important
  • What is the impact?
  • What processes in our school plan align with this element?
  • How widespread are our practices?

Icon depicting graph to represent identifying your data

3. Identify your data

  • Where will we find the evidence of impact? What data will we use?
  • What existing school-based and system data would assist us in making the judgements?
  • How will we analyse our data?
  • How have we planned to evaluate the strategies in the school plan?

Icon of magnifying glass to represent analysing data

4. Analyse your data

  • When we analyse our data, what does it tell us?
  • When we consider the data as a whole – what does it tell us?
  • What trends are emerging?
  • What practices are being demonstrated?
  • What impact do we see?

Icon depicting scales to represent making a judgement

5. Make a judgement

  • What can we reasonably conclude about our school?
  • Using the descriptors from the School Excellence Framework – which statements can our evidence support?
  • Would our conclusion be supported by others?

Icon depicting calendar to represent planning for the future

6. Plan for the future

  • What do we need to do next or differently?
  • Are there any gaps in our evidence?
  • How can we capture our evidence in the future?
  • What strategies are required to improve our practice in this area? What else could we do? What could we do instead?

Icon depicting person to represent sharing your evidence

7. Share your evidence

  • How do we communicate our evidence?
  • How do we share this with our staff?
  • How do we synthesise this for External Validation?
  • To what extent do we share this with our school community?
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