External validation

The School Excellence policy and implementation guidelines provide a clear guide to schools on the external validation process. Each year, a group of schools are nominated to participate in an external validation process. This provides an opportunity for schools to discuss their judgements about their practice – and the evidence that underpins them – with a panel of peers. Embedding effective self-assessment practices will mean that schools are well positioned to identify and annotate their most significant pieces of evidence for submission to the validation panel.

Schools participating in the external validation process may find the following sections of this website useful:

  • Evidence sets – examples of actual evidence sets that were used by a selection of schools who went through the external validation process in 2016, showing the approaches some schools have taken to collecting, analysing, and presenting evidence.
  • Sources of evidence – a (non-exhaustive) list of possible sources of evidence for individual elements of the SEF, as well as more in-depth guides to using Scout reports, Tell Them From Me data and School Excellence Framework data reports.
  • Selecting, annotating and analysing evidence (PDF, 620 kB) – guidance on selecting and preparing evidence for the external validation submission.

For further information on external validation visit School excellence and accountability – external validation

Or contact validation@det.nsw.edu.au

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