Roles and responsibilities of the principal, director, educational leadership and the principal, school leadership

What is the role of the principal in the school planning process?

In accordance with the School Excellence Policy, the principal is responsible for:

  • leading the school community in the development and successful implementation of the three-year school plan, including annual updates
  • publishing the school plan on the school’s website by the end of Term 1 at the commencement of a planning cycle. leading a collaborative, ongoing process of self-assessment that involves critical reflection on the school’s progress
  • the ongoing assessment of the school’s practices using the School Excellence Framework to inform school plans and the annual report, including the annual completion of the School Excellence Framework Self-assessment Survey in SPaRO.

What is the role of the Director, Educational Leadership in the school planning process?

The Director, Educational Leadership is responsible for:

  • endorsing the published school plan
  • monitoring school plan implementation for compliance with legislative and policy requirements including equity or other targeted funding, and for compliance with State and Department priorities such as the literacy and numeracy strategy
  • supporting principals to engage in all aspects of the School Excellence policy and engaging in regular professional conversations regarding the school’s plan, self-assessment and annual report

What is the role of the Principal, School Leadership in the school planning and annual reporting process?

Principals, School Leadership are responsible for:

  • supporting school planning and annual reporting processes.
  • working collaboratively with the principal and school leadership team, when requested, to prepare the school’s external validation submission.
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