Strategic Improvement Plan finalisation and approval

The Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) is finalised after ongoing conversations between the principal and the Director, Educational Leadership (DEL).

Through this process the following aspects are endorsed by both the principal and the DEL, and the final Strategic Improvement Plan is approved by the DEL.

Strategic Improvement Plan

The Strategic Improvement Plan:

  • is based on the School Excellence Framework (SEF) and the school’s on balance judgement against each SEF element, supported by evidence of impact (see note*)
  • includes strategic directions aligned to the current school state as identified through an authentic situational analysis and consideration of the evidence base
  • includes improvement measures and resourcing aligned to the needs of students from identified equity groups as appropriate to the school context (Aboriginal students, students with low-level disabilities, students from low socio-economic backgrounds and students with English as an additional language or dialect)
  • includes Strategic direction 1: ‘Student growth and attainment’ with explicit references to initiatives related to ‘Effective classroom practice’
  • clearly identifies how financial resources, including equity loadings are being used to achieve the identified outcomes
  • clearly identifies planning for the ongoing capability development of staff
  • is the result of, and reflective of a consultative process including all stakeholders.

Ongoing conversation and collaboration

Principals and their Director, Educational Leadership will change each aspect to ‘green’ in SPaRO as the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) is developed. This can be completed over time as part of ongoing principal-DEL conversation about the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP).

When all areas are agreed to be ‘green’ or in place, the DEL will approve the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) in SPaRO.

The SIP is then published on the school’s website.

* Note: while schools self-assess against all SEF elements, there is no expectation that the SIP will address all aspects of the SEF.

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