Situational analysis samples

The following samples, for various school types, unpack the 5 stages involved in developing a situational analysis.

Developing a situational analysis

There are 5 stages of developing a robust situational analysis - with review, consideration and analysis at each stage.

  1. Stage 1 - review School dashboard in Scout
  2. Stage 2 - review School Excellence Framework Self-assessment Survey
  3. Stage 3 - review school data, research and literature, and stakeholder input
  4. Stage 4 - consider all evidence
  5. Stage 5 - prepare for community consultation.

Access samples

The following samples, for various school types:

  1. show the development of each stage in order to complete a situational analysis for that school type
  2. the completed situational analysis for that school type.

Sample A - Large High School

Sample B - Connected Communities High School

Sample C - Large Primary School 1

Sample D - Large Primary School 2

Sample E - Schools for Specific Purposes 1

Sample F - Schools for Specific Purposes 2

Sample G - Small School 1

Sample H - Small School 2

Sample I - Central School

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