Note - in SPaRO, the 'Focus themes' column will already be prepopulated with data schools added to their SEF S-aS. Also, for this school sample, the external validation (EV) column is empty, as EV occurred before 2018 or EV will occur in coming months.


  • WTD = working towards delivering
  • D = delivering
  • S&G = sustaining and growing
  • E = excelling
  • NA = not applicable.

Element 2018 2019 EV panel report Focus themes

Learning culture S&G S&G

NA High expectations, attendance
Wellbeing S&G S&G NA Behaviour, planned approach to wellbeing
Curriculum S&G D NA Teaching and learning programs, differentiation
Assessment D D NA Formative assessment, student engagement
Reporting D S&G NA Parent engagement
Student performance measures D D NA Internal and external measures against syllabus standards, student growth

Effective classroom practice S&G

D NA Classroom management, explicit teaching
Data skills and use D D NA Data literacy, data use in planning
Professional standards S&G


NA Improvement of practice, literacy and numeracy focus
Learning and development D D NA Collaborative practice and feedback

Educational leadership S&G S&G NA Instuctional leadership, high expectations culture
School planning, implementation and monitoring D D NA Continuous improvement, school plan
School resources S&G S&G NA
Management practices S&G S&G NA Community satisfaction

Reflections on SEF S-aS and EV

Historically, the process of self-assessment against the SEF S-aS has been superficial. Strategies to support genuine and deep engagement in authentic self-assessment are being developed and implemented to align and inform continual school improvement planning and impact monitoring. The school expects to undertake external validation in 2021.

The regular turnover of teaching and executive staff has negatively impacted on the staff’s ability to adopt and embed a sustained approach to school improvement.

The SEF S-aS highlighted a number of areas for immediate focus. These included learning culture, student performance, assessment, effective classroom practice, data skills and use, learning and development, school planning, implementation and reporting.

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