Note - in SPaRO, the 'Focus themes' column will already be prepopulated with the data schools added to their SEF S-aS.


  • WTD = working towards delivering
  • D = delivering
  • S&G = sustaining and growing
  • E = excelling
  • NA = not applicable.

Element 2018 2019 EV panel report Focus themes

Learning culture D D D Transitions and continuity of learning
Wellbeing D D D Individualised learning needs. A planned approach to wellbeing
Curriculum E S&G D Differentiation
Assessment D D WTD Formative assessment
Reporting S&G S&G D Whole school reporting
Student performance measures D S&G WTD Student growth

Effective classroom practice D D S&G Explicit teaching
Data skills and use D D WTD Data use in teaching
Professional standards S&G S&G S&G Improvement in practice
Learning and development S&G S&G D Coaching and mentoring

Educational leadership S&G S&G D Performance management and development
School planning, implementation and monitoring S&G S&G D Continuous improvement
School resources S&G S&G D
Management practices D D D Community satisfaction

Reflections on SEF S-aS and EV

The school has gone through a significant period of transition, with all teaching staff new to the school in 2019. Thus, the primary focus has been about the establishment of practices and processes to support the effective operation of the school. When current staff completed the 2019 SEF S-aS, our on-balance judegements were lower compared with previous years. Whilst there were clear examples of process and system activities, evidence of process quality and impact were difficult to determine.

The school’s external validation took place in 2019 and what was determined from this is that we need:

  • consistent and reliable collection of student and whole school data
  • further development and refinement in the PDP process, including the provision of effective formal feedback
  • further investigation into refining how the school garners effective feedback on school performance and student wellbeing
  • a focus on the implementation of the English and mathematics syllabus according to all requirements that meets the needs of all students
  • a focus on the following SEF S-aS themes: individual learning needs, differentiation, formative assessment, data use in teaching and a planned approach to wellbeing.

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