In considering the evidence the following broad areas for consideration have emerged:

Data led teaching and learning

Teachers need support in responding to trends in student achievement at an individual level. Need further information sessions for parents around understanding assessment approaches (SWANs, GAS and ASDAN). No centralised system for analysing and reporting student performance data. Additional PL required in data concepts and analysis. Teachers require additional support in identifying growth targets using internal progress and achievement data. Data is not being used effectively to lead learning. Issues with measurement of student improvement in literacy and numeracy. 44% of students did not progress on SWANs scale for communication. 45% did not improve in SWANs Literacy and 69% did not progress in SWANs Numeracy. GAS reported that 100% of students stayed on same level. Use of relevant data to inform learning and prepare students for later life is required. Require PL for staff and parents around the useful internal data sources and using it. A centralised system for analysing and effectivelyu reporting student performance data needs to be developed.

Teaching through collaborative practices

Develop professional learning for staff involving collaborative practices in improving effective classroom practices. Professional discussion and collaboration to improve teaching and learning should be facilitated which allows the school and its teachers to design, implement and embed explicit systems facilitating this dialogue. Explicit PL required around staff collaboratively designing teaching programs. A complete school wide approach needs to be researched, developed and implemented.

Engaging the community

Need to enhance the ILP process, transition planning, alternate programs and foster collaborative practice involving teaching staff, parents and students. Need further information sessions planned for parents around understanding assessment approaches (SWANs, GAS and ASDAN) and the use of this data in determining improvement goals and ILPs for students. Determine the use of other para professionals in the education of our students, for example, speech therapist, behaviour therapist, etc. Improve parental understanding of such interventions.

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