Developing your plan for implementation and impact

The implementing and progress monitoring pages of the Strategic Improvement Plan are guided by a structured process which is tracked and recorded in SPaRO.

In SPaRO, there are implementation and progress monitoring (IPM) pages for each of the 3 strategic directions. There is also another page for recording activities where funding will be accounted for, but is not linked to a specific strategic direction, for example, your school may wish to establish a special programs room, make improvements to a specific learning environment, upgrade IT infrastructure or engage in a community partnership that benefits students.

Image: The sections of implementation and progress monitoring in SPaRO

A set of activities will be developed for each funding source where the total funding allocation hasn't been allocated against activities in the SIP. Multiple activity rows can be created for each funding source.

Image: Implementation and progress monitoring page in SPaRO for other funded activities

Implementation and progress monitoring support

The SIP IPM tool supports the principal and their Director, Educational Leadership (DEL), when writing, reviewing and having conversations around implementing and monitoring the SIP.

The Leading Collaboration for School Improvement toolkit supports principals and DELs in guided conversation around improvement in reading and numeracy, for enhanced classroom practice and improve student outcomes.

Access Implementation and progress monitoring support (staff only).

SIP implementation and monitoring in SPaRO


For each initiative identified in your Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP), a set of key activities or steps will need to be developed by your team.

Activities may include:

  • professional learning to build expertise
  • research into effective strategies
  • establishing systems and practices that are effective and sustainable
  • key periods of data collection and monitoring
  • planned evaluation and analysis to measure the impact of activities
  • decisions about strategic resource allocation including the targeted use of needs-based funding.

Activities can be added to the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) as required.

The initiative column will have auto-populated drop down selections based on the initiatives identified earlier in the planning process.

  • Will the activities we have developed give clear and broad directions for our school to achieve the annual progress measure?
  • How are the activities contributing to the annual progress measure?
  • Have we developed our evidence-based activites in such a way that evidence of impact can be determined?
  • Have we developed activities that will embed sustainable change and maximise impact?
  • Have we budgeted for these activities and committed the resources required?
  • How do the activities engage and build the expertise of individuals and teams, for example, staff, leadership teams, student leaders and teacher leaders and the community?
  • Is there a clear plan for data and evidence collection? How frequently will it be collected? By whom will it be collected and analysed? How will we make any adjustments?
  • When will the leadership team/ school teams review and adjust the activities throughout the year based upon an ongoing and regular evaluation of progress?


Assigning an implementation team in SPaRO is optional. School teams or individual staff can be assigned to each activity to delegate or share responsibility and to track those leading each of your initiatives.

  • Does our plan to implement, monitor and review activities identify those who will be involved?
  • Who will lead each activity?
  • How will our leadership team ensure there is a broad range of staff clearly identified to drive the initiative, supporting and reinforcing a whole school approach?
  • To what extent do team members have the appropriate level of access to, and expertise in, SPaRO?


Record the timeframe when the activity will be initiated. This will enable the table to be sorted and viewed in sequential order.

Establish timeframes such as starting dates, deadlines and points for key data reflection and evaluation can be entered against activities.

  • Have we effectively planned our timeline for the delivery of the implementation and progress monitoring plan throughout the year to maximise impact on student learning and build teacher capabilities?
  • To what extent will the planned activities ensure the activity is well implemented and sustained over time?
  • How will our leadership team ensure the timeline is realistic, achievable and responsive to school organisational needs?


Resources are allocated to support the delivery of the strategic directions identified in the Strategic Improvement Plan to best meet student needs.

See the Funding source table for more information about the simple view of your school budget allocations to be used to fund SIP activities provided in SPaRO.

See the Guide for Resourcing your Strategic Improvement Plan for details about the entire process of resourcing the SIP, from receiving your annual budget allocation to reporting on improved student outcomes.

Resources available to support each initiative include:

  • key funding allocations including flexible needs-based funding
  • human resources and engaging additional staff (see Schools standard rates and costs)
  • school resources including programs, equipment and facilities
  • purchasing additional resources and sharing resources across school networks to facilitate cross-collaborative learning.

How do we effectively use resources to implement the SIP?

Strategically aligning resources to the initiatives in your implementation and progress monitoring plan is an integral part of the school improvement journey towards excellence.

The School Excellence Framework states: 'In schools that excel, longer-term financial planning is integrated with strategic improvement planning and implementation processes to address school strategic priorities and meet improvement goals.'

See Effective use of funding and resources for more information about strategic resourcing.

  • Have we considered what is required to deliver the activities in our SIP, including that of physical, human, financial and time resources?
  • Are resources that have been allocated to our school to address student needs being used strategically?
  • How will the leadership team ensure checks and balances are in place for the tentative costs against the activities?
  • How have the resources been strategically allocated to ensure maximum impact on students?
  • How have targeted, equity, initiative and operational funding resources been allocated to support the delivery of the plan?

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