Strategic resourcing examples and support

See how schools are using needs-based funding in innovative ways to improve school outcomes. Support for schools can be tailored according to need.

Support for schools

Support is available to you from the Strategic Schools Resourcing (SSR) state office team at

Members of the SSR field support team offer support to your school that can be tailored depending on need. Options include:

  • videoconference or Skype meetings
  • one-on-one site visits where appropriate
  • phone contact/ support
  • web-based resources
  • professional learning support
  • coaching for individual and groups of schools
  • tailored support for new and relieving principals.

Your school's needs-based funding is delivered through the School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR) to improve outcomes and make positive changes for your students.

These strategic resourcing examples are from a range of NSW public schools and demonstrate how school leaders have used funding sources strategically to implement various projects.

The examples highlight the targeted and effective ways your school can make an impact on student outcomes. These examples have been aligned to the School Excellence Framework (SEF).

Online support materials

A range of support materials are available on the Strategic Schools Resourcing webpage.

They include school funding snapshots which showcase how school leaders make strategic funding decisions and highlight the great work that your schools are doing to make a positive difference to student learning and wellbeing.

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