Video transcript – registration process

For many years, non-government schools in NSW have engaged in a process of school registration, regulated by BOSTES. After an amendment to the Education Act in 2014, a process of registration has now been developed for New South Wales public schools as part of the government schooling system. From 27 January 2015, all NSW public schools will need to meet requirements outlined in the Registration Manual available on the BOSTES website.

These requirements represent the agreed standards for operating a school in NSW. Including the government schooling system in the registration process will provide independent assurance that NSW public schools comply with registration requirements similar to those of the non-government sector. The registration requirements address the operational aspects of schools relating to curriculum, student wellbeing, staffing and facilities.

The department is already recognised as having a robust system of quality assurance and will be responsible for ensuring all schools meet the registration requirements. Principals will continue to be responsible for implementing the policy directions and requirements the department has in place.

A new online tool will be introduced in 2015 to support schools with self-regulating the implementation of policies and processes. The tool will assist principals to embed quality workflow and records management processes across the school. As well as supporting the registration process, the tool will be a valuable support for schools in strengthening knowledge management and building leadership capacity. The tool will assist the principal to manage workflows related to existing policy expectations. It will promote sound knowledge management practices and encourage shared leadership. The registration process will assure that the NSW public school system implements consistent operating standards across all public schools, enabling the delivery of high quality education for students.

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