Strand A - Part 1 - Policy requirement 4

4.4.2 Safe and supportive environment - communication

This requirement focuses on school procedures for communication, specifically the mechanisms the school uses to communicate with parents and caregivers. These may include parent engagement strategies.

See Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual.

Documentation or evidence to be maintained by the school includes communication systems, structures and processes, including parent engagement strategies.

Advice for principals

Communication systems, structures and procedures should underpin the professional effectiveness of all school members.

An effective way to demonstrate compliance is to provide evidence of communication mechanisms.

Evidence to provide at the random inspection

  • documented communication processes including communicating to parents who do not have internet access
  • processes for monitoring/tracking communication, e.g. Sentral
  • procedures and evidence for communicating with parents and caregivers.

Department policy, procedures and resources

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