Strand A - Part 1 - Policy requirement 3

4.4.2 Safe and supportive environment - attendance

Tracking student attendance data is a legislative requirement and part of every school’s duty of care. Attendance data provides a measure of student engagement, which is critical for evaluating school and student performance.

See Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual

Every school must maintain evidence of compliance with departmental policy including:

  • processes for monitoring student data
  • intervention strategies to improve unsatisfactory attendance, including implementing strategies designed to improve student engagement in school and learning.

Advice for principals

This requirement is about departmental policies and school procedures on attendance and student welfare. The focus is on monitoring student data and intervention strategies to improve student engagement.

Please note that the National Standards for Student Attendance Data for reporting attendance rates include partial absences over 120 minutes and account for student mobility.

Schools do not need to provide evidence of enrolments, daily attendance or procedures for exercising the Minister’s delegation under Section 25 of the Education Act, which relates to exemption from attending school.

Evidence to provide at the random inspection

Effective ways to demonstrate compliance are to provide evidence of:

Department policy, procedures and resources

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