Strand A - Part 1 - Policy requirement 2

4.5 Discipline of students

The Education Act (1990) requires that policies related to the discipline of students are based on procedural fairness.

See Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual

Documentation or evidence to be maintained by the school must include procedures demonstrating implementation of departmental policy:

  • in relation to the discipline of students, including but not limited to suspension, expulsion and exclusion of students that are based on procedural fairness
  • that prohibit the use of corporal punishment.

Advice for principals

This requirement is about departmental policies and school procedures specifically related to the suspension and expulsion of students, - not day-to-day behaviour management. The focus is on whether the suspension/expulsion procedures are procedurally fair and implemented as required, for example the right to know the allegation and respond, the right to an unbiased decision, the right to an appeal/review.

Schools do not need to provide evidence of implementing day-to-day behaviour management, the code of conduct or student welfare policy and procedures.

An effective way to demonstrate compliance is to provide evidence of one or two examples of a suspension/expulsion, if possible.

Evidence to provide at the random inspection

  • The school’s documented discipline procedures, as required by the Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy
  • Records of implementing a suspension or expulsion  in line with the department’s documented procedures, e.g. letters to parents, records of meeting with students and/or parents, counsellor follow-up meetings after a suspension and records of Director Educational Leadership’s involvement with any appeals or multiple long suspensions.

Department policy, procedures and resources

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