Random inspections

Each year, NESA selects a small number of schools for random inspections to monitor compliance in relation to a very small subset of requirements in section 4 of the NESA registration manual. NESA generally conducts the inspections from Week 5 of Term 1 through to the end of Term 3.

There are two separate subsets of requirements for random inspections - Strand A and Strand B.

In 2019, Strand A focuses on the annual priorities of NESA.

Strand A consists of two parts:

Part 1 asks selected schools to provide evidence of two of the four policy requirements.

Part 2 asks selected schools to provide evidence for one of the two curriculum requirements.

In 2019, Strand B focuses on the quality of student learning. It asks schools to provide evidence for one of the Strand B curriculum requirements.

During a random inspection, the selected school provides a sample of materials identified in the Evidence of Compliance section in the Registration for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual.

Schools do not need to provide historical evidence (that is, data, records or documentation from previous years.)

If NESA inspectors identify compliance concerns about the subset of requirements, they may request additional evidence about other registration requirements.

Schools are encouraged to use the information the department sets out here to support schools selected for random inspection.

Further information is available on the NESA website, including a typical schedule for the random inspection.

For assistance, please call the Leadership and High Performance directorate on 02 7814 3853 or email registration@det.nsw.edu.au

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