Policy implementation

Specific policies have not been nominated in 2019.

Schools will continue to maintain their procedures for implementing, monitoring and reviewing department policies via discussions with their Director, Educational Leadership.

Roles and responsibilities

1. Principals are responsible for:

  • the implementation, monitoring and review of department policies in their schools
  • developing school procedures for the implementation of policies
  • collecting evidence to monitor the effectiveness of implementation
  • developing consistent practices for reviewing policy implementation processes.

2. The role of the Director, Educational Leadership is to:

  • support the implementation of department policies in schools
  • monitor the implementation of individual policies
  • provide feedback on evidence of implementation
  • provide advice on policy implementation review processes.

A-Z Policy Implementation Tool (AZT)

The AZT has been decommissioned.

Please visit the Policy library to access all department policies.

For assistance with accessing school data and documents previously uploaded to AZT, please contact the High Performance team by email at azt@det.nsw.edu.au.

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