Stage 3 - internal school data, research and literature


  • Staff survey 2020 indicated in area of communication – collaborative decision making had decreased significantly.
  • Parent survey – very small uptake.

Student performance:

  • Best start sata – at enrolment very low levels of both literacy and numeracy development. For many students global development delay and learning difficulties have impacted on the attainment of skills.

SWANS – communication:

  • 14% moved upwards by 3 levels
  • 13% moved upwards by 2 levels
  • 29% moved upwards by 1 level
  • 5% stayed on the one level

SWANS – literacy

  • 12% moved upwards by 3 levels
  • 14% moved upwards by 2 levels
  • 29% moved upwards by 1 level
  • 5% stayed on the same level

SWANS – numeracy

  • 8% moved upwards by 3 levels
  • 6% moved upwards by 2 levels
  • 17% moved upwards by 1 level
  • 33% did not complete


  • Significant number of students either not progressing or progressing by one level only.

Goal Attainment Summary (GAS)

  • 100% of students stayed on the same level across Early / Middle / Senior focus area goals.


  • SWANs data is currently being under-utilised as a teaching and learning tool. Staff are not consistently tracking student achievement through SWANs and therefore not using the tool effectively to track and plan learnings.
  • ASDAN Data.


  • Quality Teaching Round – University of Newcastle
  • Striving for Excellence reports
  • What works best
  • Excellence for all Aboriginal students
  • Excellence for students with additional learning needs
  • High Impact professional learning
  • Effective use of funding and resources (using equity funds)

Currently underutilised within the school, SWANs has been used to develop Skill Banks for Communication, Literacy and Numeracy. Seven modules have been delivered and have resulted in improvement in student independence, self-direction and self-regulation supporting future transitions towards post-school options. This need to be further utilised.

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